Monthly Community Breathe

at Hawthorne Wellness Center Description: A Space to come home to yourself. This class includes meditative and movement exercises to open the body, heart and breath and a group breathwork session with hands-on facilitation to relax deeper held tension in the body/mind. For details and to register call 503-635-2981 or email

Bringing Breath to Life Introductory Classes

Ongoing classes held in Portland area Description: This class is to learn about and discover the benefits of conscious breathing which includes relaxing and energizing exercises and a facilitated breathwork session to begin to unwind tension and open restricted breathing patterns. Call for details 503-635-2981 or email

Breathwork for Self Care and Client Support for LMTs

Classes every semester (3 hour classes for CEU credits) At Oregon School of Massage. Register at


Breathwork for Self Care and Client Support for Therapists CEU classes for Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT) In Lake Oswego, Philomath, OR; St. Louis, MO. Individual sessions also available in Lake Oswego and Philomath. Call for details 503-635-2981 or email

Sponsored classes

Bring your friends together at your own place for a private ‘Tupper-Breath’ Party! Spend some nourishing time with your friends or special group and experience a variety of fun ways to ease stress, cultivate vital energy and breathe together! Call for information 503-635-2981

Bring Your Breath to Life Workshops

Through Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Dept.
Quarterly classes combining yoga and breathwork
Co-taught with yoga teacher Ryan Crosby
Register at

Breath Awareness Album Cover
Bringing Breath To Life CD and MP3