What is Breathwork?

How we hold our breath is how we hold our life.
With Breathwork, we learn to consciously explore, open, and create equilibrium in the body/mind/spirit. There are many different breathwork techniques ranging from focusing on body- centered psychotherapy, accessing specific energy levels, physical health to enhancing spiritual connection.

A certified TransformBreathing (now called Full Wave Breathing) Facilitator and Trainer, for the past 16 years I have practiced and continued to study to bring a deeper awareness and utilization of the benefits of breathing. This process allows full diaphragmatic breathing that frees the flow of breath in the lower and upper abdomen, chest, shoulders, and throat, the inhale and exhale. I use it to access and free the holding patterns of tension in the body, mind and emotions. This repatterning or unwinding experience helps the body remember the ease and open flow of breath that we were born with. For this reason, I now like to call this work ’therapeutic breathwork’. It creates space for the body’s innate intelligence to do what it knows to do, which allows a healing pathway to the deepest resources of our being on all levels.

Our breath is the only system we have that can be either voluntary or involuntary. Thus it is a connecting force between the conscious and unconscious aspects of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. This is why the way we breathe unconsciously can keep our stress patterns in place OR used consciously, it can set them free.

Not only does breathwork free deep stress patterns in the body/mind, it is a doorway to being more conscious of every aspect of ourselves. I love working with the breath because it is not a mental process. It touches the place within us that is beyond our beliefs and who we think we are. Inner peace, spaciousness and deep stillness is available which for many is considered a spiritual experience.

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