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“I am a post polio syndrome patient. My first private session with Margaret began a year of personal healing which I attribute largely to the breathing sessions with her. Leaving the session, I experienced my whole hip and leg come into a position that made my walking more comfortable. Several days later, I felt a muscle movement that I had not felt in 49 years...just a twitch, just a flicker, but one that I could make happen at will for the first time. It now flexes my whole thigh. Margaret?s deep sensitivity, constancy and success as an experienced facilitator and trainer makes her a mentor for other breathing facilitators.? ~Karin Jackson Boulder, CO

 "I would like to share my experience of my breathing facilitation with Margaret. As a 62 year old ultra runner trying to best two national age group records, I needed to improve my use of breath. After the first session my breathing had improved and I was more aware of constrictions in my chest. By the end of the second session I could really tell I was getting more air. Walking home that day I experienced a subtle, but profound increase in vibrational energy. This has brought about an increase in my ability to focus energy both in running and life in general. Having finished the third session I find my breathing quite unrestricted. I am grateful for the time Margaret spent with me."
~Chris Storey, Training and Development Coach

“Working with my breath has allowed me to get in touch with my body and overall well being. It is easier for e to relax now. It is much easier to breathe and I have learned to not hold it in but to just let the breath come.” ~O.O., college student

"I have to admit I was rather dubious about my first session on Breathing. Oh, I realize we all need to breathe “deeper” and “longer” and de-stress our lives…there were many questions and thoughts twirling around my head as I walked in that day. Deep breathing is supposed to “oxygenate” our bodies…and thus promote healing and health, both mentally and physically. Ok, I’ll go for that! However, the “proof of the pudding” came the following day when I went to my doctor for a blood test and a vitamin I.V.

Normally the blood has been dark and thick due to lack of oxygen and have had to go into an oxygen chamber every so often. The nurse who works on me regularly, remarked “look at your blood Shirley…look…it’s bright red and has bubbles of oxygen…did you go into as oxygen chamber recently?” No, I had not…but I did spend 90 minutes with Margaret learning how to deep breathe!

It works…yes it does! It left me so peaceful, relaxed and free from stress…I can hardly wait for my next session." ~Shirley Thiessen, Portland,OR

“I have been diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, a gradual hardening on the lungs. The prognosis is not promising, five to seven years. There is no cure and the treatments with steroids are probably worse than the disease. As a sixty five year old obsessive compulsive computer programmer, I immediately set out to measure and attack the disease. After exhausting all accepted therapies I heard about Margaret Townsend and the TransformBreathing work she was doing. It was a reach for me to suspend my belief system. To be of value something had to be measured. Only a double blind study could validate a therapy.My first visit to Margaret was full of my detailing all the processes I was going through to fight the disease- diet, exercise, doctors, tests, etc. Margaret said “breathe” and guided my body through the act of conscious breathing. Gradually through a number of sessions, I have come to view my disease as not an enemy but a companion. Together we share an intimate relationship, a cosmic dance as it were through the rest of my life. My experience of the breathwork is like coming home.What comes to mind is a children’s story that very young children love and I loved reading to my three daughters. It is “Over in the Meadow”. Part of it goes something like this. Over in the meadow in a pond in the sun lived an old mother beaver and her little beaver one. Beav said the mother, we beav said the one. So they beaved all day in the pond in the sun. I now understand that beaving is just being the essence of being a beaver. And breathing is the essence of being.
Breathe said Margaret, and I breathe. The journey continues and I will read the story to my grand daughters. And Breathe.” ~ Ron Mack Portland, Or

“I first came to see Margaret shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It took an hour for me to explain that I was about to have a mastectomy in 3 days. During the session, she asked me to imagine while I was breathing that I was going to say ?goodbye? to my breast, and to express to my breast any emotions I wished. First of all, I am not someone who likes to cry, but I felt such safeness with Margaret, such calmness through the breathing we had done, that I allowed a door to open I thought I had locked and thrown away the key. I proceeded to say goodbye to my beloved left breast and tears started flowing uncontrollably down my cheeks. That was the first time I had really cried over what was going to happen to me. I started my own grieving process that I had put aside, convincing myself that I had to be strong for everyone around me and forgetting that I was the patient and I needed to grieve also. I will never forget what Margaret did for me that day.” ~ Debbie K., RN

“When my panic attacks started occurring, I called Margaret for an appointment and within one session of breathing through an occurring panic attack. I have not experienced a major panic attack since. This breathing work is not only a source of learning how to control stress, but also a source to feel more centered, energized and at peace,” ~S.W., Portland, OR

“I was so struck by the profound impact of my experience in her introductory TransformBreathing class, I signed up for a private session with Margaret. I felt connected to emotions and physical pain I had rigidly armored against since the onset of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and subsequent diagnosis of Lymes Disease. I felt a notable improvement in fatigue that had been exceptionally daunting for weeks.”
~MC, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

“Margaret holds the space for any emotional dis-ease to reveal itself and lovingly let go from the body. As a professional coach I have a deep gratitude for her ability to help me find that loving place inside myself once again.”
~Ed Ferrigan, Executive Coach

“Personally, I'm encouraged to learn that over time, old patterns of thinking which tend to trigger tightness in me, are being redirected to create new pathways through the breathing process. At the end of my last session, I felt that it was amazing- my body and mind were still and quiet, peaceful and wanting to stay in the moment. I felt a sense of wellness. I felt as though I was emptied, yet filled up. I felt acceptance of myself. The breathing sessions seem to provide a missing link (a connecting of some kind).“ ~Mary Ann S. Portland, OR

“This method of repatterning the breath has provided significant transformation for me personally. In integrating the breathwork with my other spiritual practices, my physical, emotional and spiritual growth has truly deepened.“ ~Kathy M Non Violent Communication (NVC) Facilitator

“I am forty years old and I have always breathed shallowly from the top of my chest. When my psychologist/therapist would ask me to relax and visualize a situation or event, I would become tense and develop a splitting headache. I started working with Margaret to help me breathe a little more freely. What I received was so much more. In the very first session, I felt a tingling in my upper body. When we were finished, I felt so clam and relaxed. My eyes and face were visibly glowing. Each session has continued to build feelings of peace, love and a oneness with the world. By using the breathing techniques in my therapy sessions, I have been able to relax and visualize very deeply with no headaches. I incorporate my fuller, deeper breathing daily, especially when I start feeling angry or anxious. Breathwork has helped open me-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For me, it continues to be a very rewarding experience and well worth the time and money spent.” ~D.W.

“After the first breathwork session with Margaret, I entered into this strange realm of what I can best describe as ?clarity?. I wasn't tired, wasn't hungry...I felt this near-perfect clarity of mind and body. I was looking at ?what is this?? I don't know that I had ever felt that clearness and lightness about myself. After the next session I was tired because I had just breathed through some childhood trauma, but I had a certain freshness and certain energy. The same feelings as last time began to emerge. I noticed that my mind was very clear and creative. There was nothing normal about this experience. In fact, it was extraordinary. I had a special sense of being ?at peace?. Then, an amazing former spouse called. I have had feelings of anger/rage/wariness about her for the past 40 years (married 34 of them). I hadn't been able to get out of the negative feelings. Well, anyway, I talked to her for awhile, and, as I'm talking, I am experiencing my anger and distrust of her disappear, vanish into thin air. I hang up and I have this amazing experience: I realize that I just lost my anger. Gone. Experienced an image that it had whisked into the air. First time ever. I felt very peaceful, serene. This experience wasn't just an idea or a thought. It was a real physical experience. So was the freshness and clearness of my mind. I want to thank you for your sincerity and integrity and caring-ness and honesty.” ~J.B., Retired Lawyer

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